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20 years of designing and styling homes as an architect for many clients led to my appreciation and love for the raw beauty of wood and its limitless potential to be created into works of art.  Every wood has its story and this is where my story begins……


Led me to discover their source and the lives behind them.   Thus began my passion to reach out to the wood craft and forestry communities . .


…….by the people, for the community.

Our wood are sourced from certified community forests in Indonesia.  These “Community Forests” play an important role within Indonesia.  While they cover just 2.3 million hectares in a country with roughly 90 million hectares of forest, these forests support the livelihoods of more than 3.4 million households.


The community forestry programme protects forests and alleviate poverty by allowing local communities to manage the forests woodlands.  These are often low income families living in and near the forest areas.  The additional income generated by the programme means these families can now afford to have their children continue their education up to middle school or high school level, as they no longer have to stop schooling at a young age to help support their families.

Literacy and social economic standards are raised and the livelihoods of more than 10 million people in and around these community forests are impacted.


The community forestry programme also protects forest from destructive industrial practices as every tree harvested for income must be replanted by a new seedling and the local communities have shared responsibility to ensure the ecological  sustainability of these forests.

The responsible and creative processing and transforming of wood waste and by-products into new raw material for purposeful reuse is also an integral part of ecological sustainability.

We are intentional in sourcing such materials and allowing a platform for creative minds to design and create them into better quality and lifestyle products of better environmental value…..

Teaching Javanese Children English

OUR INSPIRATION behind 5L-2F.....

The story of a little boy’s willingness to give up his meal of 5 barley loaves and 2 small fish that helped feed a multitude of hungry people, that eventually totalled 5000 men, and even more women and children.   By emulating the same spirit of the little boy’s generous heart within ourselves and our community, we hope that the same multiplication effect of that little boy’s giving of what he had,  can be effected through our efforts to support and touch the many lives within these various communities.